Monday, October 15, 2007

Missing All My Blogging Friends

We are still having computer woes at my house. DH is trying to decide what we need to do about a new computer- if you don't know engineers like to research things-lol. DD had an ancient Dell in her bedroom that was used for games, etc. so DH moved it in to the study and hooked it into the internet. The software is Windows 98 and it ask if you want to "debug" a gazzillion times a day (this is NOT an exageration)! Anyway, I can look at my e-mail but not reply or sent and I can look at blogs but often cannot leave a comment. As for this, I am not sure it will post even as I type because I have tried several times before. I do have some cards to share and I am hoping to visit a friends soon so I can get some photos posted. Thanks to all who have continued to stop by my blog! Y'all are wonderful! Take care!


Nancy Grant said...

And we are missing you too! Best wishes on your search for a new computer. My husband does lots of research too. I hear ya!

I love our Mac and can't imagine not having it anymore.

Until your next post,

Jill said...

Sorry you are having computer woes! We miss seeing your stuff. My husband is the same way about researching and researching and researching some more. Hang in there--"this too shall pass!"