Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Should Have Been Stamping...

this morning while my oldest DD was working on her school work, but what was I doing instead...
stalking the Jonas Brothers Fan Club site to get my code word to buy pre-sale tickets for their summer concert tour! Much to my almost 11-year-olds excitement, I was able to purchase 2 for me and her and 2 for her bff and her mom (did you hear her squeal) for the Atlanta show! Although, I am only paying for 2 of the tickets believe me they weren't cheap but this will count as her 11th birthday- party and presents. And when you think about it, the concert is not until August 20th so I have a tool to keep the pre-teen hormones in check for the entire summer (insert evil snicker)! Hopefully, I will have a card to post tomorrow! It's ALWAYS a Stampin' Good Time! Take care!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha.
I wanna go see the Jonas Bros.
Ha ha.
Actually, I am going to HSM on ice with one of my friends. I'm going to be her date. Ha ha. And we are going to jam out. How are you doing? I haven't seen you in a while!

<3 Becky

smiln60 said...

You are SOOOO busy!!
Thanks for the fun visit the other night, and I love my "scraps"!!!
Got to get going so I can punch that clock.....sounds like a card idea...hummmm.
Anyway, have a wonderful day, see you soon!!
love ya, and I know you will Jamm out and have fun in Atlanta.

Rose Ann said...

That's awesome, Beth!! What a fantastic birthday gift!!! :D

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Oh you lucky dog. My 11 year old would surely give a body part for this!