Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home At Last!!!

Wahoo! Can't tell you how great it is to be back home! The girls and
I made it through the sites of D.C. relatively unscathed. Well, 1
flipflop got caught and mauled in the the escalator of the Metro, and a tennis
shoe got caught in the revolving doors at Union Station but we
returned to 'bama with all limbs and digits intact. I do believe that
they decreased the national level of security once Rachel had left the
District! She set off 3 alarms at the National Postal Museum (guards
running and the works), she decided to lay down in the middle of the
floor in the gallery with the Hope Diamond and proclaim she was ready
to go back to the hotel. Once I finally convinced her that the Hope
Diamond was definitely some bling worth seeing, she took one look and
said "That's a Disco ball"- how the heck does a 4-year-old know what a
disco ball is? There were obviously other Rachel adventures but I
will not bore y'all with anymore! Let's just say she pretty much
"saw" the National Museum of Natural History in perpetual "time-out"
and I have the pics to prove it!

I hope to start catching up on "things" tomorrow! I'm having major stamping withdrawals and I hope that my mojo didn't go to sleep while I was away! I'm hostessing my local SU scrapbook club in my home on Friday evening, so it will be a week of cleaning (or more likely Thursday and Friday will be devoted to "Crisis Cleaning!" It's ALWAYS a Stampin' Good Time! Take care!


Julia Aston said...

Welcome back! I'm exhausted just hearing about all your adventures!

Dianne said...

I'm glad you are back too! I'm sure your little zoo is excited as well...not sure this part time zoo keeper was too brave with the rodent variety :-) Can't wait to hear all your adventures...especially the Post Office..Get some sleep tonight..the ink will be waiting for you tomorrow! ..Disco ball??? go figure..she is smarter than her years...

Lydia said...

HA! Disco ball?? I saw that thing when I was about her age and have never found a piece of jewelry I was satisfied with since! I was a changed woman!

Can't wait to see what you make!


Jennifer Muraoka said...

I'm so glad that you're back. Selfish of me isn't it!? haha. Anyhoo, just wanted to let you know that, yes, you and your talents were missed... and I left you an award on my blog. Hugs, Jenn

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Welcome home! Sounds like you had an interesting time.


Jill said...

Yeah! Your home! It has been awhile since I've done any blog hopping (I've been trying to kind of keep up through google reader but even that gets to be too much) but I couldn't stay away from your blog any longer. (Cute new banner by the way!) I'm so glad you made it through your trip relatively unscathed. I think Rachel and Nate would get along famously. Is Rachel 4 yet? I swear, it's almost like a magic switch was turned when Nate turned four at the beginning of this month. I know the trouble isn't completely over--that would be wishful thinking, but he has been so delightful lately. I don't know, maybe it's my attitude. I've always loved 4 year olds. Anyway, didn't mean to write you a book here, but I'm glad you are back! Can't wait to see your latest projects. :)

Rose Ann said...

Welcome home, Beth!! It sounds like you need some well-deserved rest!! ;)