Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Each time I look through the A Muse Studio Catalog, I have another "thud" moment and WOW how clever!
Not seen it?  You can check it out on my webstore under "our products."  Go to the bottom of the page & in a very light gray you will see "Catalog and Inspiration Guide."  Click on it and  get ready to ENJOY!!!!  Caution:  please be in the seated position when first looking through the catalog.  A Muse Studio and A Stampin' Good Time are not responsible if anyone DFOs.  For my non-Southern friends that means "Done Fell Out"- yes, a true description often used in giving information to emergency medical personel.  It's ALWAYs A Stampin' Good Time!  Take care!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Now Open...

My very own A Muse Creative Consultant website opened officially on Friday, April 1st.  By visiting

A Muse Studio fans can shop for all the wonderful goodies in the catalog 24/7 AND your order will come directly to you!  Planning to place a big order?  Well, if your order is $150.00 or more then please contact me at beththomas@knology.net .  This way, if I place your order for you, you can get hostess credit with free and discounted products as discribed in our Hostess Program. (click on my webstore >"host a party" (top right hand quarter.)  The webstores are one of the many things that has me head-over-heals with A Muse Studio!  It's ALWAYs A Stampin' Good Time!  Take care!