Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It's SNOWING in Madison, AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think the ground is cold enough for it to lay (current temp is 32 F) but it is pretty to watch it fall! I know many of you are already sick to death of the white, wet stuff but for us down South this is a novelty!


CAKVD said...

We've gotten over 3 feet of snow so far this winter and another 8 inches is coming tomorrow!! Yup, the novelty has worn off for me!!

Jill said...

No Way! I think we'll only get rain down here, but a girl can dream, right? ;)

Nancy Grant said...

I hear you sister!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

ROFLOL....did you get the silent memo that directed you to go straight to the grocery store to buy Toilet Paper and Milk?? Even if you dont NEED TP and milk. I got that memo too....we did get some snow...but it quickly turned to rain.

Tex said...

Snow in Alabama???
Oh dear ... I'm in North Texas ... and apparently "escaped" .. except for the freezing temps. Surely you'll be above freezing soon!


Anonymous said...

I want more snow. I haven't been able to see a good coating in years. I remember the times when my sister and I would go sledding down the hills in the subdivision my grandparents live in. We would go down this big hill next to the country club pool and land into the fence. I remember laughing so hard it would hurt but you had to do it again and again and again. Miss you gal. Hope you can come by and see the new house this weekend. Sunny

MEG BEE said...

Hope you are staying warm!


Rose Ann said...

How exciting when it's out of the norm. ;)