Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hannah Montana!!!

Did anyone else see the Hannah Montana meet Miley Cirus 3-D movie this weekend? Well, if you did not let me share the experience with you. Mind you, this is a movie not a live concert. Try as we may, we have not been able to get tickets in any state that even touches Alabama and I refuse to pay scalper prices on principle alone! So picture little girls (some couldn't have been over 3-years of age) to pre-teens decked out in "everything" Hannah down to the long blond wigs standing in line for a sold-out movie, anxiously awaiting to be given their 3-D glasses and enter the theater. Once inside, the movie staff did a great job to get the crowd pepped up (even though I'm sure some of the teenaged guys felt awful silly in their Hannah Montana t-shirts.) Once the movie began, it was just like attending a mini-concert. The girls were so excited! When Hannah came on the screen they screamed and went to the front of the theater where they were allowed to dance and sing and hang-out with other Hannah Montana fans. You could even see cell phones lit up and swaying back and forth. And let's not forget the Jonas Brothers. Being the latest pre-teen heart throbs, their arrival on the screen brought about another round of screams from the audience up-front. All in all, I have to say that the production of the movie was done quite well (Disney, of course) and there was enough interesting behind the scenes shots to keep everyones attention. So......
2 Movie Tickets: 36.00
Concessions: 15.00
Ice Cream After the Show: 10.00
An Afternoon with My Pre-Teen Daughter: Priceless!
Hoping to get a little late night stamping done tonight so that I'll have something to share tomorrow. It's ALWAYS a Stampin' Good Time! Take care!


Nancy Grant said...

I am glad that your daughter has you to do such special events with her. I don't know I could of done it?? You ROCK!


Rose Ann said...

Thanks for the review! That's awesome that you were able to share this fun time with your daughter!! We love Hannah too! ;)

Anonymous said...

I did not realize that Hannah was so popular. I definately did not think that this movie would play out like a real concert for the kids. That is awesome. I am glad you guys had such a good time.

Love you,