Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Storage for SU Tools

It's been a few days since I shared an organizational idea that I am using in my newly transformed space (which I am loving, by the way)! Picture this: 3-year-old DD off taking her nap, 10-year-old DD working on schoolwork with Mom right by her side to answer questions BUT still able to create her paper crafts- ya can't beat it! That is exactly how our afternoon went today. Now, mind you, that is not always the case but it certainly makes you appreciate the harmonious moments so much more! Anyway, back to organization. This 3 tiered rack is made by Plaid (I think originally for bottles of their paint) and can be found out Hobby Lobby* for 29.99. Of course, I waited until a 40% coupon week and paid around 18.00 for mine. I am able to fit ALL but my largest SU brand tools in this caddy! Granted I do not have all of the large punches (though I'm working on it) and will possibly consider getting another one as my SU punch collection grows. But for now, this works perfect for me. The clear removal trays are so roomy that I can fit 2 Stampin' Scrubs, 2 Stampin' Mists, and a Stampin' Mist refill in 1 tray. I decided to feature this organizational find because my friend Chris just didn't believe me about the Stampin' Scrub fitting (lol- Chris- I love ya)! I have an extremely busy day tomorrow with Girl Scout meeting and Technique Club workshop afterwards but I'll have a new project to share tomorrow evening. 'Til then Take care!
*Funny 3-year-old DD story: Rachel was watching Nick Jr. the other day and the Holly Hobby movie was on. For those of you who remember Holly Hobby from your childhood, she is no longer the long dress, sunbonnet wearing girl of our day. She is much more modern wearing jeans and cute tops and long wavy hair has replaced the braids. Anyway, I tell Rachel that it is time for her nap and she replies to me "Not yet Mommy, I'm watching the Hobby Lobby movie." Where does this child spend a lot of time?!?


Dana said...

I loved the funny story about your daughter! I guess it's important to teach them where to spend their money when they're young, right? *grin*

I was (am?) a HUGE Holly Hobby fan as a little girl. I had a HH bathing suit and when I look at photos of that time I'm so sad they don't still make HH the way she was. I still have my HH doll though!

Nancy Grant said...

Such a funny story! Neat organization tip. Thanks so much for sharing.


CAKVD said...

This is so cool!! I'm getting some great ideas for my craft room!! My hubby *thanks* you!!! LOL!!