Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

Hello, All! Yes, I'm still here but time to myself has been, well let's say, extremely limited! Girl Scouts, Technique Club, taking DD to Birmingham (over 2 hours away) and back, working at the hospital and a 2 day PALS certification (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) not to mention keeping up with homeschool lessons and Rachel has left me zero time to create anything. I'm probably real close to a "meltdown" but my DSIL is coming for a visit and the house (which has been neglected during this time) must be cleaned! So instead of a card, I thought I'd show you a few more of my organizational ideas in my new space. This little bookcase was made by my DFIL for my hubby many years ago and it has certainly stood the test of time! On this shelves I keep my albums, idea books, ribbon and embellishment containers, die cut machines and dies, sewing machine and Xyron and unmounted stamps.
My unmounted stamps (either clear polymer stamps or unmounted rubber stamps are kept in standard (not slim) CD jewel cases and then are labeled with my label maker. The holder is 2 Case Logic (I believe) CD holders that I pay under 8.00 each for at Staples. Above the shelves DH helped me to mount peg board. The particular peg board that I chose is Bulldog brand that can be purchased at Wal-mart. You can get 4 panels of the plastic peg board (the amount show here) and many accessories for 25.00 plus you can add on panels and purchase extra accessories. We took in to consideration that I would probably want to add more panels when we decided on where to put this on the wall- heeheehee, DH knows me only too well!
I have not purchased any extra accessories other than the long ribbon holder in the upper right hand corner and the 2 wire baskets hanging from it so I really think the starter kit is a pretty good value. My dear friend Belinda has used the classic sheet of pegboard like you purchase at home improvement centers, as well as this, and she states that this is MUCH easier to hang. I have found it is a great way to keep supplies and embellishments where I can see them and therefore, and much more apt to remember to use them. Well, I really hope to stamp tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me-lol! Take care!


Ana said...

LOVE your craft room!! And we certainly do think the same..great minds think alike!!...hehehe

Nancy Grant said...

What a cool system of organization.
Thanks so much for sharing!

So Sonya said...

Wow! So organised... know what you mean about limited 'me' time lol!

CAKVD said...

Your craft room is so awesome!! I will have my own craft room in a few weeks (we are finishing off the basement right now). I have a pegboard already, but I love the accessories you have for yours. I will check them out at Walmart and see if they fit my pegboard. Thanks for sharing!!