Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ode to a Stamper's Man

Working this weekend, so I'll keep this short and sweet. The ER is CRAZY being a holiday weekend. Please, please be safe this weekend. I hate to see a good time turn in to a tragedy. Ya know, if you stay home and stamp, chances are good that nothing is going to happen to you (possibly a bad case of stamper's finger-lol, but we're made of tough stuff and that wouldn't slow any of us down) so in my professional opinion that is what everyone should do-chuckle, chuckle! My dear friend, Chris, pointed me in the direction to the blog of a gal she met at Archivers. Please take a visit on over at LMac's Catered Crops to see the cutest poem about the men in the stamper's life. Again, please be safe this weekend. Take care!


CAKVD said...

Sorry you have to work this weekend. That sucks. I am going to take your advice and stay home and stamp!
Cheryl KVD

Dianne said...

Hi Girl,
Sorry you had to work this weekend too! Just letting you know we're back! See ya soon!