Friday, August 10, 2007

It Pays to be First

I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog and left such wonderful and creative comments regarding their methods of justifying craft purchases. I assure you that I've chuckled and taken notes quite a bit! Also, I want to recognize all you Paper Crafting Goddesses out there. I think the main plan to achieving this status is to get DH involved in a hobby- more precisely, a costly hobby- teeheehee. But you know in my book we are all Paper Crafting Goddesses because we are doing what we love! So with no further a due....

The winner for my blog candy is (drum roll, please) #1 "Aunt Scrappy!" Her "creative accounting" comment was:
I do my best NOT to show my DH what I've bought, I sneak into "the playroom" (I share a room with my son so he can play and I can do some crafts) with my bags....and he doesn't ask any questions ;) Unless I got a great deal on something, then I have to show it off!

Well, we all know that if something is purchased "on sale" then you are "saving money." "Aunt Scrappy" if you will please e-mail me your snail mail address, I'll have you goodies on their way pronto. Once again, thanks for all the comments. Wishing everyone a fun and blessed weekend and Take care!


Hulda said...

Thank you so much!!! Looking forwsard to getting some "candy" in the mail!
Have a nice weekend!

stína fína said...

lucky you Hulda :O)

So Sonya said...

oooh congratulations!!!