Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rockin', Bumpered and Nice

Okay, over the past couple of weeks or so... I have been nominated/tagged for several fun blog titles that are being passed around. Now, if you know me, I am by no means a computer wiz! Anything "new" takes me a bit to figure out (although I do usually figure it out.) I was tickled with the nominations from my blogging friends but just have not had the time to see how to get these things on my blog. Now it may seem silly, but this had been weighing on me a bit because each and everyone that visits my blog means the world to me- I know how busy we all are- heck, we are all women, if not moms, we are the QUEENS of multi-tasking! I certainly did not want these 3 special gals to think that I was not pleased with their thoughtfulness. goes:
My dear friend and scrapbooking soulmate, Chris from For Love of Paper, nominated me for Rockin' Girl Blogger. What can I say about Chris? First, she is the Princess of Distressing (only second to her mother, Belinda, who I would have to say it the Queen.) She and I met when I first started scrapbooking in 2005 and our personalities clicked right away! She moved to Austin, TX last year and I have missed her greatly. She and her mom are trying to encourage my hubby to transfer to Houston so we will at least be in the same state. Anyway, I am to pass on the nomination to 5 more bloggers. This is difficult since this has been going around for awhile and if you have already been nominated, I apologize but that only means your are "Rockin' 2 (squared- didn't know how to make it a little 2.)

1. Kim

2. Jules

3. Jill

4. Beckie

5. Bekah

Next, is from the sweet and talented Cheryl at Engineered Expressions. I was first drawn to Cheryl's blog by its title since my husband is an engineer. Cheryl is an engineer turned SAHM who comes up with some of the most creative ideas! I have a project of hers that I was fortunate enough to receive as a gift that I will be sharing in the near future! Cheryl tagged me for a game of Bumper Card. This is sort of a pay it forward where you send a card to someone and then tag 5 folks to do the same. For this I tag:

1. Chris

2. Becky

3. Linda

4. Kelly

5. Heather

Finally, this evening, the most awesome Jill from Inkgenious nominated me for this Nice Matters Award. Talk about nice! Jill is such a sweetheart! Not to mention incredible, she does not miss a beat with her blog- I think she probably reached for a stamp pad as soon as this last baby was born. Supermom for sure!!!! Anyway, I could have come up with many nominees for this award. Most certainly the bloggers nominated/tagged for the above 2 categories but I was trying to search through blogs to find folks who had not been nominated for the other 2 and it was no easy task! So the 5 gals I choose to nominate 5 more each are:

1. Cheryl
2. Sonya
3. Wendy
4. Hulda
5. Chris

If participating in these games is a hardship for you, my feelings will definitely not be hurt. These good tidings are sent with fun in mind and to let everyone know that I am thinking about them and appreciate all of their hard work on their projects and blog. To all, Take care!


So Sonya said...

awww thankyou Beth... how sweet...xxxx

CAKVD said...

Hi Beth! You are a sweetie! Thank you so much! I am honored!!

So Sonya said...

Hi Beth, I can stamp you some images of the Halloween stamps if you like? Just let me know and I'll forward my email address so I can get your postal address?