Sunday, August 12, 2007

No Time to Stamp

Very, very busy weekend between work and home improvement projects! I've been working on a card for my sister's birthday ALL weekend (with many interruptions.) Hopefully, it will be completed in the morning so I'll have something to share. Also, an update on the new studio: old, ugly "Dalmatian" (due to all the spots) carpet is out, beautiful new wood-like laminent is in! This was quite THE PROJECT. Due to structural issues, some drywall had to be replaced along with nearly all the baseboard. We picked out paint color this weekend- "Honeypot" by Waverly-and had it mixed in kid's room paint (as we paint the rooms in our house, I have been recovering the contractor grade paint with this more sturdy type, between that and my most favorite Mr. Clean eraser I can manage little finger prints quite well.) Then I chose a new ceiling fan to replace the current light fixture (I get so hot when my Ott-lite is on, it just couldn't be hormones)! Slowly but surely we're getting there. I can't wait to share the end results. But until then, Take care!


Samm said...

Ooooo, it'll be great when it's done, think of all that crafting you'll be doing!


Jill said...

Mr. Clean magic erasers have got to be one of the greatest things ever invented. (Seriously--they could hire me to do commercials for them) :) Sounds like the renovations are going great!

So Sonya said...

aww I was hoping to see some crafts lol... hope the family is better now too xx