Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Good Weather for Penguins

Nothing crafty to show today so I thought I would share a cute photo of my 6-year-old daughter Rachel and a penguin friend from our local Santa's Village taken this past December. It was a fun evening complete with a snow machine for a bit of a white Christmas in Alabama. Today we don't need a machine, we are getting some flurries as I type and the kids are all hopeful for a bit of accumulation so they can play! Schools were called at a half day so they are all waiting and watching! I know many parts of the country are being hit with ugly winter storms so it is my wish for everyone to stay safe and warm and remember It's ALWAYs A Stampin' Good Time! Take care!

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Rose Ann said...

How cute! We had some snow on Thursday, and the kids are having fun sledding. Hugs!