Thursday, June 5, 2008

Milestone/Anniversary Giveway

Hello, All! Life has been crazy hectic and before I knew it, the first anniversary of my blog AND reaching 15,000 visits flew right past. So, how about some BLOG CANDY!!!!! Truly, this is merely a token of what all of your visits and comments mean to me. My family is very supportive and will give me a "that looks great" but they don't realize what is put in to the projects (well, hubby would probably try to guess what was put into them in the terms of $$$$-LOL)! That is why input from other paper crafters means so much; that is why each and every comment y'all leave me is so special! Okay, your over the mushy babble and are ready to get into the sweet stuff. Up for grabs and chosen by randomly generated numbers is a beautiful 6 x 6 pad of BG Boxer paper and the matching booklet of rub-ons.

Look at all these yummy rub- ons!

So what do you have to do for a chance to win these goodies? How about a little blog scavenger hunt? I promise not to make these too difficult. Please list the answers to these 3 questions in the comments section. The winner will be "drawn" on Monday, June 9th in the evening sometime after 8pm CT (aka Rachel's bedtime)!

1. What project was featured on my first blog post? (hint- if you go to the archives and click the little arrow by 2007, there will be a drop-down menu for the months of last year.)

2. How many images are in my SCS Gallery (just choose the number at the top of the page, this may vary a bit but no big deal- it's all FUN)!

3. Name 1 thing I do (another "hat" I wear) that is not related to paper crafting.

How is that? Easy peasy- huh! Once again, thanks to each and everyone of my readers! You gals (and occasional fellows) are priceless! It's ALWAYs A Stampin' Good Time! Take care!


Dianne said...

1. Timepiece for a Good Time--I watched you make some of it
2. 115
3. I can name many, but I'll name two..not necessarily in the correct order
1. Girl Scout Leader

Luv ya .. Di

Bunny B said...

1. Timepiece for a Good Time

2. 115

3. an Emergency Room nurse

Thank you for the chance :)

StampinbyGeorge said...

Love blog candy - what fun questions too.....

1. Timepiece for a Good Time
2. 115
3. ER Nurse

Jill said...

1. An awesome little clock you made for your sister-in-law--in the process setting the stage for your blog name.
2.116! Wow!
3. A home-schooling mom and a rocket scientist's wife. :)

Congratulations on your year of blogging and all those hits. I am so glad that we've become blogging buddies! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance at the blog candy! Congrats on reaching 15,000! Here are my answers;
1) Timepiece for a Good Time
2) 116
3) Nurse :)
Thaank you for always sharing your wonderful creativity! Tinla

cricketpe said...

1. A clock
2. 116
3. occasionally an ER nurse

Val said...

1. Timepiece for a Good Time was the first project.

2. There are 121 images in your SCS gallery.

3. Another "hat" you wear is ER nurse

Sheila D said...

1. A neat altered clock aka Timepiece for a Good Time.
2. 116 and many are in my favorites
3. Nurse in your local ER.
Congratulations on your milestone and thanks for sharing it with a great giveaway.

Ghazal( said...

Congrats on your blog anniversary and 15K hits.
1. A clock that you made for your sis-in-law.
2. 116.
3. You work as a nurse in emergency room.

Linda said...

I love your cards and love to look at your SCS gallery.
1. Timepiece for a good time
2. 116
3. ER nurse
Linda Peterson

Karen said...

1.Timepiece for a good time