Saturday, June 2, 2007

And the Winner Is....

Lucky number 8. Cheryl at Engineered Expressions wrote:

Hi! Can you believe that I don't have any of the scalloped punches? I want the circle, square, and oval in both the mega and giga size. Then I want to get the Gina K stamps that go along with them. Sometimes being a SAHM with no income can be a drag when you want things! Congrats on getting the punches...and a good deal!!Cheryl KVD

I know what you mean about being a SAHM with no income! Until recently, I was in the very same boat, but in January I began working again as a nurse in our local Emergency Room about 36 hours a month. I only work evenings and weekends when my husband (also, an engineer) is home with the girls. This has worked out so well for my family. Nursing can be hard work, especially in the ER, but the flexibility is great! Since it just hurts my heart to see a fellow punch enthusiast to go without, please e-mail me your 6 fav SU colors and I'll add some punched images of those colors, as well, as some neutrals to go with your blog candy. Also, please send me your mailing address so that I can get those in the mail next week! To all- Take care!

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CAKVD said...

Whoo Hoo!! Thank you so very much for the ribbon and primas!!! And thanks also for throwing in some punchies!!! I'll be scalloped-deprived no more!! I'm off to send you an email!