Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Sweet RAK and Breaking Ground

Well NO time to make a card or even ink a stamp today. I've been busy, busy, busy getting ready for my Dad's visit and the transformation of the dining room to craft studio/classroom! All of the furniture has been removed along with all my breakable shotzkies (not sure how to spell that but it's a word for nick knacks that my dear friend Belinda uses and I think is it hilarious) and relocated throughout the house (a few items are still in the garage looking for homes.) Our buffet looks great in the entrance foyer (we have an unusually large entrance foyer for a 2300 square foot house- a waste of space if you ask me.) Off the subject, but sometimes I wonder who makes decisions about what to build in to the average suburban family home. Our huge entrance foyer is one. Another is our Jacuzzi tub. Now most homes that are similar to ours are family dwellings, meaning a parent or 2 and a few offspring. You ladies with small kids- when is the last time you got to lounge in a tub? Heck, there are days that I feel I have accomplished something by squeezing in a quick shower. Occasionally, my daughters like to get in the tub and splash around but that always seems to leave a big mess not to mention a dangerously slippery ceramic tile floor! Most of the time it just sits there- I actually have to dust the tub when I clean the bathroom. I look at that space and think- Would that not have made a glorious closet!!! Because what we always do seem to need it STORAGE SPACE!!! Anyway, I'm getting off track. Once all the furniture was removed, we pulled up the old carpet (dalmation carpet, I call it, due to all the spots) and DH hauled it off. I hope to have pics of the process of our remodeling but we'll see. It depends on how many dirty looks DH gives me for snapping photos of him on his hands and knees with his hiney hoo up in the air while laying the floor. So on to this most sweet card that my up-line, Yazmin, made for me. Yazmin is truly one of those people that is beautiful on the inside AND outside. She is an extremely talented artist and the one that gave me my foundation in our craft. I am quite upset that my photo does not do this wonderful card justice. Once again, Photoshop was working earlier in the day but will not allow me to crop and bring this picture in for a closer look. I'll do my best to describe some of the details with which this card is overflowing. She made the lady bug using the Pick A Petal stamp set (how clever is that) and paper punches and boy, does this lady have dimension! Her wings are cut out (my love for cutting out images must be rubbing off on you, Yazmin) and adhered with Stampin' Dimensionals and her head is punched out and dimensioned onto the wings. Her trail starts out in black dots on the white CS but then turns to white dots on the black card stock- awesome! My most favorite part is her little antennae. Once stamped they had Crystal Effects applied to them to make them pop off the page. What with ribbon and the hand punched scallops- I love it! Thanks so much, Yazmin. Until tomorrow (probably late) a great weekend to all! Take care!

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